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    REF. FLT-23

    Widmann 23 Pcs Oil Filter Cap Removal Wrench Cup Socket Set Ratchet Spanner With Case Hand Tool

    A brand new, top of the range, heavy duty, 23pcs cup tyre oil filter wrench kit.
    This universal kit suits most cars, is constructed of aluminium, rust resistant, similar in quality and function to ---Snap-on and Lisle at A fraction of the price.
    Kit includes 21pcs oil filter cups, 1pcs ratchet with 12.5mm (1/2inch) Drive, 1pcs 27mm angled key ring, plastic mold carry caseAn essential and quality item for all mechanics and car enthusiasts.
    High Package Contents1PC Ratchet1PC Ring Spanner1PC 901 65m/m p-141PC 902 67m/m p-141PC 903 74m/m p-141PC 903-1 75m/m p-151PC 903-2 74m/m p-151PC 903-3 74m/m p-151PC 903-4 73m/m p-141PC 903-6 75m/m p-181PC 903-7 74m/m p-151PC 904 79m/m p-151PC 905 73m/m p-151PC 905-1 74m/m p-141PC 906 84m/m p-181PC 907 89m/m p-151PC 908 91m/m p-151PC 909 82m/m p-151PC 910 95m/m p-151PC 911 76m/m p-121PC 911-1 79m/m p-151PC 915 92m/m p-151PC 914 101m/m p-15Features

    1. Adopt high temperature heated treatment
    2. Aluminum Alloy Material make the using life durable
    3. Apply inserted molded plastic case which place the product neatly
    4. Greatly improve workers' working efficiency
    5. Various sizes fit for many branded vehicles
    6. Easy to use