WIDMANN BJ-40T : Hydraulic bottle jack, 40T [BJ-40T]

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  • EAN code
  • Weight Net/Gross
  • Dimensions LxWxH
  • Euro Pallet Volume
    1.92 m3
  • Per Box
    1 Unit(s)
  • Per Pallet
    50 Unit(s)
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10 good reasons to choose WIDMANN  40  tonne bottle jacks :

Versatile capacity: These jacks cover a wide range of capacities, making them suitable for a wide variety of lifting needs.

Robustness and durability: Made from high-quality materials, these jacks are designed to withstand intensive use and last for a long time.

Maximum safety: Their design and manufacture meet the most stringent safety standards, giving your customers peace of mind.

Ease of use: Bottle jacks are simple to use, with smooth lifting mechanisms and ergonomic handles.

Unrivalled stability: The design of the bottle ensures optimum stability, even when lifting heavy loads.

Versatility of application: Bottle jacks are suitable for a wide range of sectors, including industry, automotive, construction and many others.

Time-saving: Bottle jacks enable you to lift heavy loads quickly, improving efficiency in the workplace.

Low maintenance: Bottle jacks require little maintenance, reducing long-term operating costs.

Compatible with accessories: They can be used with a variety of accessories for greater versatility.

A worthwhile investment: Thanks to their durability and efficiency, these bottle jacks offer your customers excellent value for money.

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Weight 13.5 kg

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