[RAM-2/4T] WIDMANN RAM-2/4T : Rampes de levage avec vérins intégrés, 4 Tonnes, jeu de 2 pièces

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  • EAN code
  • Weight Net/Gross
  • Dimensions LxWxH
    149x35x30 cm
  • Euro Pallet Volume
    1.92 m3
  • Per Box
    1 Unit(s)
  • Per Pallet
    5 Unit(s)
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Widmann – Lifting ramps with integrated cylinders, 4 Tons, set of 2 pieces
Lifting ramps with integrated cylinders, capacity 4 tons (2 tons per ramp), set of 2 pieces, ideal for car maintenance.

This set of lifting ramps will quickly become essential since it will allow you to work easily under your vehicle, without having to use a pit or a lift. Do the routine maintenance of your vehicles yourself quickly and efficiently!

The two jacks provided will allow you to lift the vehicle even further, once positioned on the ramps. This will make it even easier for you to access.

Technical data

Weight: 42Kg in total (2 packages)
In steel
Dimensions of one carton: 116*33*34cm (one pair=two cartons)
Dimensions of a ramp: 115*33*34cm
Two ton capacity per ramp
for tires up to 245mm
Height adjustable up to 375mm 4-position safety system: Total height in position 1 (minimum): 29.5cm (rise 26cm) Total height in position 2: 32.5cm (rise 29cm) Total height in position 3: 36cm ( rise 32.5cm) Total height in position 4: 39.5cm (rise 36cm) Length of the riser part: 40cm Total width: 33cm Total length: 115cm

Additional information
Weight 39 kg