[WM2500] Widmann WM2500W: Petrol Powered Portable Inverter Generator -Silent

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  • EAN code
  • Weight Net/Gross
  • Dimensions LxWxH
    50.5x36x44 cm
  • Euro Pallet Volume
    1.92 m3
  • Per Box
    1 Unit(s)
  • Per Pallet
    25 Unit(s)
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Widmann WM2500W: Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator –
The Widmann WM2500W is a 650W gasoline powered high efficiency portable inverter generator. This generator has a peak or maximum range of 1.0 KVA in a compact and lightweight design, perfect for construction sites, power outages running, fishing, camping, tailgating and other recreational outdoor activities and as a home backup power unit. Large fuel capacity lets you enjoy power for 8-10 hours of operation. Includes a 220 V three-prong socket. It is also able to connect in parallel in case the 1.0 KVA is not enough to meet the power requirements you need. The engine operates in quite 74-94 DB, which provides much more comfort to the user. This portable generator features short circuit protection, temperature and voltage control, and overcurrent protection. This versatile portable power supply offers reliability, efficiency and versatility while protecting you and your devices during use. Make the most of the outdoors with endless, reliable power.


Versatile and convenient power supply
Powerful, portable and efficient
Produce clean, high-quality energy
Revolutionizing the UPS System
Long-lasting operation
Eco mode option to save more fuel and money
Parallel generator capable of running
Super quiet operation and smart throttle
Easy start thanks to the automatic preheating function
Maximize energy efficiency
Easy storage and optimal portability
Short circuit and over current protection
Temperature and voltage control
Compact and lightweight design
Perfect for power outages, fishing, camping, tailgating, other outdoor recreational activities and more.

Brand Name: Widman
Red color
Material: PE, ABS
Dimensions: 50.5cm x 36cm x 44cm
Weight: 18kg
Output: AC: 220 Volt – 50 Hz
Power: 650W
Normal capacity: 1KVA
Power 1.5 HP/ 1.5 HP / 1.5 HP / 1.5 HP
Stroke: 2 stroke
Fuel: unleaded
LWA: 74-94 DB(A)

Additional information
Weight 18 kg