[PRS-12T] Widmann – Presse d’atelier hydraulique, 12 Tonnes

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  • EAN code
  • Weight Net/Gross
  • Dimensions LxWxH
    140x20x28 cm
  • Euro Pallet Volume
    1.92 m3
  • Per Box
    1 Unit(s)
  • Per Pallet
    10 Unit(s)
Reference PRS-12T Category

Widmann – Hydraulic workshop press, 12 Tons with piston

Hydraulic Workshop Press, 12 Tons

Hydraulic workshop presses are used for all repair and assembly work such as: assembly and disassembly of axles, shafts, bearings, straightening of irons, profiles, load tests and resistance tests of welds, stamping, cutting, crushing, shearing, tool presetting, hydraulic tool testing, etc.

With the help of this hydraulic press, you can get huge pressure with very little effort for your works!

Technical characteristics :

Maximum pressure: 12 tons
Red color
Maximum height of parts: 0-710 mm
6 setting positions
Maximum cylinder stroke: 20 cm
Dimensions of the first box: 125 x 15 x 13 cm (26kg)
Dimensions of the second carton: 72 x 23 x 15 cm (22.5kg)

Additional information
Weight 40 kg