[WM-15A] WIDMANN WM-15A air hose reel

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WIDMANN air hose reel
The WIDMANN Air Hose Reel is a compact reel with a stable plastic housing containing a compressed air hose.

The 15m length of this compressed air hose gives you great freedom of movement in a workshop for example.
The automatic compressed air hose reel has been designed to provide a maximum working pressure of 16 bar, which is suitable for various compressed air jobs.

Working pressure of 16 bar
The hose of this automatic hose reel, equipped with a quick coupling for compressed air, can provide a maximum working pressure of 16 bar when working with compressed air.

High flexibility
With its 15-metre hose, this automatic air hose reel offers you great flexibility. This flexibility is also enhanced by the swivel wall bracket, which can be turned through an angle of approximately 180 degrees.

Additional compressed air hose
In addition to the 15-metre compressed air hose of this automatic air hose reel, the air hose reel also has an extra 1-metre compressed air hose. This hose is useful for small jobs that can be done near the reel.

Stroke lock
When you remove the hose from this automatic hose reel, an automatic lock ensures that the hose stays in place.

This means that you do not have to exert continuous force on the hose. When you have finished, you can pull the hose slightly to rewind it.

Automatic return spring
An automatic return spring ensures that the hose is wound neatly and quickly into the wall bracket when the job is finished.

Main features of this machine:
– Hose length: 15 metres + 1 metre supply hose with quick coupling and inserted nozzle
– Operating pressure: max. 16 bar
– The hose locks automatically after removal and rewinds automatically after a short pull on the hose.
– With wall bracket
– The drum can be turned by 180

Additional information
Weight 4,88 kg
Dimensions 41,5 × 15,5 × 31,5 cm