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WIDMANN WM-150L : This oil-free compressor has 3 motors and 6 cylinders and therefore has sufficient airflow for almost all compressed air applications.

With a noise level of only 70 dB, this is a very quiet compressor despite the large 3 motors. Thanks to the 150 litre pressure tank and the high power of the 6 cylinders,

this quiet compressor will not start immediately (150 litre buffer), will soon be pressurised again (6 cylinders) and therefore have a short duty cycle.

The electronic motor controller has the task of relieving the electrical network by starting each motor one after the other.

The controller also monitors whether a motor is overloaded. If this is the case, the controller switches off the affected motor until the reset button is pressed again.

This compressor will have a long life due to the constant electrical health check performed by the motor controller and the fact that this compressor is designed to operate without oil.

This makes the compressor suitable for all compressed air related activities and tools, including light blasting!

The compressor is equipped as standard with two pressure gauges, overpressure protection, pressure regulator, oil separator, water tap under the pressure tank and quick coupling.


Model : WM-150L

Volume : 150Lt

Voltage / frequency : 230V/50Hz

Cylinder [ DIA x No ] : 65mm x 2

Power : 2.5HP / 1.8kW

Speed : 1050 R.P.M

Max pressure : 8Bar

Air Delivery : 320L /min

Net Weight : 80Kg

Gross Weight : 90Kg

Dimension of Packing : 122.5X43X91CM

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Weight 77 kg